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  • Scents of fun

    This party you're planning is just for her, with all of her favorite treats and activities and of course, all of her favorite people. It's just so much fun being together! So you need favors that say, "It's not a party without you!" Favors like these scents of fun, So Pinkin' Cute Perfumes. Is the party really over if you can enjoy the scent of Cupcake or Cookie Dough all the way home? How about tart Lemon Drop or sweet Cotton Candy? Our perfume favors are pocket-sized gifts with subtle scents to keep the party going. Choose your perfume fragrance, select a design to match your theme, and share your personalization below. Special requests for colors or fonts? Just let us know below, or contact us to share details. We love to hear about the celebrations of your favorite people.
    • .25 ounce tin with sliding lid
    • Your choice of design, fragrance, and personalized text
    • Contain natural, moisturizing ingredients like avocado oil and shea butter. (Scroll down to see all the ingredients)
    • Emailed proof for each order
    • Minimum of 10 for personalization
  • Scents of place

    Lavender fields, summer gardens, tropical beaches: savor the memory of favorite travels with these enchanting scents of place. Each Solid Perfume shares the essence of your unforgettable journeys, with each subtle aura of fragrance drawing you back. Soften the perfume's surface with the warmth of your fingertip, then apply to pulse points to enjoy a nostalgic bouquet. Lightly perfumed for a scent experience just for you. Choose your fragrance below.
    • .25 ounce tin with sliding lid
    • Your choice of scent
    • Contain natural, moisturizing ingredients like avocado oil and shea butter. (Scroll down to see all the ingredients)
    • Warms to the touch for scent on pulse points, or massage fingertips for cuticle treatment
  • Can we send you a surprise?

    A long, relaxing soak... blissful pedicure... soothing facial... moisturizing mani... Does any of that sound like the pampering you need? Let me put together a Surprise Box for you with gifts for a perfect at-home retreat. Choose your theme so I can customize just for you. Use this fun quiz to find your Pampering Personality, then choose from the pull-down list below. Or tell me more about yourself in the notes! Are you engaged? Expecting? What are your favorite fragrances and flavors? Let me know so I can include special gifts for you! I'm working from my home studio for as long as I can while we're all doing our part to stay apart. But I miss helping you celebrate your favorite people. Won't you let me celebrate you?
    • Surprise Box has a value over $60 and ships free!
    • Each box is unique and put together especially for you
    • Photo shows some of the products we may include...please let us surprise you!
    • Contains an assortment of products, bath accessories, and more
    • Tell me about yourself so I can choose your favorites!
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