• Just a little pampering

    This day is all about her, so shouldn't the favors have all of her favorites? Colors, flavors, and fragrances that she likes the best... oh, and did we mention you could even put her name on them? Out of all the bridal shower and bachelorette favors out there, we especially love those that pamper your guests (and the bride)—favors like moisturizers in fragrances like Blushing Bride and flavors like Mimosa! Coordinate the designs and colors to your theme. Each set is just the right size for purse or office drawer. Special requests? Add the details to the personalized text field below, or contact us to share. We love hearing about your celebrations!
    • 1 ounce bottle of lotion
    • .15 ounce twist-up lip balm tube with colorful cap
    • Paraben-free lotion with moisturizing ingredients like soybean oil and shea butter. (See the complete lotion and lip balm ingredients lists below.)
    • Wrapped in clear bag with personalized labels, tags, and bows
    • Minimum of 5, please
  • Head to toe

    How do you say thank you to the helping hands and not leave out the hugging arms or the supportive shoulders? This Moisturizers Gift Set will pamper from head to toe, even getting those lips ready to Kiss the Miss goodbye! Available in Green Clover and Lavender scents. Each Moisturizers Gift set comes wrapped in a gift box with coordinating colorful paper confetti, ribbon, and gift tag, and contains:
    • 4 ounce bottle of lotion
    • 2 ounce tottle of hand cream
    • .15 ounce tube of lip balm
  • Perfect at-home pedicure

    No matter what time of year it is, your feet can always use a little pampering. To get your toes ready for their "close up," try our Sweet Mint Pedicure. It's packaged for giving—to a friend or to yourself—a perfect at-home pedicure! We've included mineral salts soak, a 2 ounce tottle of our moisturizing foot cream, and smoothing balm, all in our sweet mint scent. We've tucked in a wooden scoop for the mineral salts and an emerald pumice to rub away rough areas and leave your toes picture perfect. Each Sweet Mint Pedicure comes shrink wrapped in a gift box with coordinating colorful paper confetti, ribbon, and gift tag, and contains:
    • 6 ounce jar of mineral salts
    • 2 ounce tottle of foot cream
    • .25 ounce tin of balm
    • emerald pumice stone
    • wooden scoop

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