• What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... except for the party favors.

    Your head has felt better, and everything after that last club is a little fuzzy. As you tip back the water bottle, you realize that your lips are remarkably, unusually moisturized. Hunting down advil in your bachelorette gift bag, you come across a white jar and the moisturized mystery is solved: kiss single life goodbye lip balm favors. Popping the balm in your pocket, you vow that this is one thing that will leave Vegas with you... Of course you can Kiss Single Life Goodbye with lip balm favors (and stay properly moisturized while you're doing it). But you might also want to kiss your twenties goodbye. (Or maybe your thirties.) Maybe you're kissing your hometown goodbye because you're taking that big job? Or kissing sleep goodbye as you welcome your first baby?! Whether it's going away parties, bachelorettes, birthdays, or even baby showers, Kiss Goodbye Lip Balm Favors will help you share the grand farewell. Lip balms can be personalized with your name and special message. Choose from our popular girls' night flavors to toast with your favorite cocktails, or specify another flavor from any of our lip balm favors.
    • .25 ounce jar
    • Contain natural, moisturizing ingredients like avocado oil and shea butter.
    • Minimum of 10 for personalization
    • Choose your flavor and personalization below.
    • Emailed proof for each order
  • girls night lip balms

    Pocket cocktails you can take anywhere

    Looking for a sweet alternative to those party favors shaped like male anatomy? (Hello, clean bachelorette party ideas...) Girls’ Night Lip Balm Favors are flavored like some of your favorite drinks: Appletini, Sangria, Mimosa. (I see you, too, Margarita girl. And those Strawberry Daiquiris with the little drink umbrellas? Yes, please.) There's no better way to share the “flavor” of your day than lip balm favors. And they're not just for bachelorette parties: bridal shower, birthday party, or just girls' night guests deserve these fun little gifts, too. Standard (non-personalized) balms are available in all of your favorite cocktail flavors, and no minimums apply. Please choose your flavor and quantity below.
    • .25 ounce jar
    • Natural, moisturizing ingredients like avocado oil and shea butter (see full ingredients list below)
    • Tinted, but won't leave color on your lips
    • Order the flavors and quantities you like...no minimums required

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