Printable Clover Bookmarks for St. Patrick’s Day

Have you ever seen a four leaf clover? Most clover plants contain the standard three leaves, which represent faith, hope, and love. That clover with the fourth leaf (by some estimates one in ten thousand plants) is so rare that finding one takes luck.

Click to download this PDF Bookmark File!

Share some luck with a friend this St. Patrick’s Day with our printable bookmarks! Download the Clover Bookmark PDF file and print onto card stock paper. Each sheet contains a total of four bookmarks in two different designs, and features a real four leaf clover photographed in my garden!

Once you’ve cut out the bookmarks, embellish the tops with ribbons or twine, as shown below.

Cut twine in 10 inch pieces and then fold in half to create a loop. Punch a hole in the top center of the bookmark and insert the loop through one side, then thread the loose ends of the twine through the loop and pull to knot at the top. You can also thread a single loop of decorative ribbon through the hole and knot at the top (in our example, the twine loop went through from the back of the paper, and the ribbon loop went through the front).

For a bow look, punch two holes at the top and thread ribbon through both from the back.  Pull ends to make even, then tie into a single knot or a bow on the front and trim ends of ribbon as necessary.

You could embellish in lots of other ways, so feel free to be creative! Share with classroom kids, friends or neighbors, or tuck into gift books. For personal use only, please!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!