After extensive research in my facility, I’ve determined that Special Dark is my favorite of Hershey’s miniatures. You might wonder what kind of research involves chocolate. Even as we speak, you’re likely planning to offer your services as a test subject. Today, I’ll share how you can legitimately “research” candy bars in the comfort of your own home, all in the name of Valentine’s Day. That’s because today we’re making printable Valentine candy wrappers.

printable Valentine candy wrappers

What you’ll need:

• a bag of Hershey’s miniatures (you know, the kind with Mr. Goodbar, Krackel, and plain Hershey bars—and my personal favorite, Special Dark—all approximately a bite-and-a-half in size.)
• This printable PDF file of candy wrappers, including five different designs (which, by amazing coincidence, just happen to match our Valentine favors designs)
• Scissors or paper cutter
• Glue stick

Step 1:

Open bag of candies for QA. (There were ~35 in my bag, so if you’re getting these for a classroom, there will be plenty left for the kidlets after you taste at least one of each kind. This is the most important step, as we must make sure they are fresh and safe for children. (Kids don’t like the Special Dark anyway, right?).

Step 2:

Download printable PDF of wrappers, print, and cut out. You’ll have to print multiple sheets for larger classrooms (or if you want to use only a few of the designs).

Step 3:

Note that there is a blank area on the back of each wrapper where you can write in the name of your child and each friend. While you fill in the names, conduct research to determine your favorite miniature. This may require additional taste testing, but remember that we have to make sacrifices for science. And Valentine’s Day. Wait, we’re doing this for the children! *sigh* (nom nom)

Step 4:

Cover each candy with a wrapper, making sure the end with the names is on top (overlapping the other end…you’ll see what I mean). Swipe with the glue stick and hold for a few seconds to stick the wrapper. Repeat for the remaining candies (except maybe the Special Dark, yeah? ‘Cause I’ve heard kids don’t like those).

If you have any left after your research, you can add to your kids’ classroom gifts, or place in a bowl at the office to share with coworkers. This printable is for personal use only, OK? So no reselling or shenanigans.

Please use with our best wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day!

What’s YOUR favorite miniature? (It’s Special Dark, isn’t it? Am I alone here?)