So one of my Twitter friends (EcommerceDiva) tweeted a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt earlier this week: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” I’ve been feeling terrified for the last few weeks, so Mission Accomplished!!

My scary task today was to have a conference call with a staffer from my Congressman’s office to talk about the FDA Globalization Act of 2008. Okay, it really wasn’t scary at all, but it isn’t something I normally do and I was kind of nervous about how it would go. Thank goodness I was joined by Donna Maria Coles Johnson (the founder of IBN, a trade organization I belong to), who is incredibly articulate and knowledgeable about the issues. All I had to do was to prepare a brief statement about my business and the impact that this Act would have if it became law.

So we spoke with Congressman Allen’s staffer, Sarah Baldwin, and she was great. We really appreciated that they gave us the time to explain our position. I appreciated it so much that I made lip balms. Because hey, that’s just what I do! You can check them out in the photo above. These are some of our Political Party Balms; since Congressman Allen is a Democrat (running for Senate, as you see on the tag), he gets “Brave Blueberry” flavor (which is actually ideal for a Maine Congressman, wouldn’t you say?), but we also make “Strong Red Cherry” for Republicans. You can get your own here!

I wonder what scary thing I’ll do tomorrow? Tune in to find out!! :0)