Did you know that today is Plant a Flower Day?
We’re anticipating yet another snowstorm here, so I won’t be planting any real flowers for a few more months. But I’m ready for spring and green leaves and bright blossoms, and judging by my work recently, I’m not alone.
All the flowers in the past few weeks inspired me to “plant” them all together. Choose from callas and cherry blossoms, forget-me-nots and tulips, poppies, orchids, and more, all in one place. (Well, or three places, depending on how you want to wrap them.: Floral balms with custom labels, custom tags, or custom tags AND labels.) What’s your favorite?
Today’s Sneak Peek is cherry blossom balms with custom cherry blossom tags. I love these with the eggplant tulle she chose.
Cherry Blossom lip balms with custom tags
Floral theme favors | Custom calla labels

What are you planting today?