For several years we’ve shared Pantone’s Spring Palette, including their Color of the Year. We’re long overdue in sharing the Pantone 2016 Spring Palette, but we have a few surprises for you. Even if you don’t usually look to the trends, I think you’ll be happy to see some of your favorites in this spring’s hues.Pantone 2016 Spring Colors

I make an effort to share not just Pantone’s choices, but our closest-matching tulle colors, simply so you can make the best choices from our palette colors. You can see the comparison charts for Pantone 2016 spring colors and our matches below.

Pantone 2016 Spring color matches

rose-quartz-serenityYou may notice a few colors in our chart that don’t correspond to tulle colors in our shopping cart. Pantone did something different this year by choosing not one, but two colors of the year, Serenity and Rose Quartz. We’ve done something different, too, by (surprise!) offering both of these colors as special request tulle colors. While they’re not yet available in the tulle selections when placing your order, you can request them in the special text areas or by email or phone.

While I know that some of you follow these trends very closely, others stick with your favorites when choosing your color palette. Do you find it helpful to see what Pantone has selected to be the trending colors? Which of these colors do you think will be big this year? Let me know what you think!