Childhood sleepovers with my grandparents always included games, snacks, and of course, bedtime stories. The Old Mother West Wind stories were some of our favorites. Written by naturalist and conservationist Thornton W. Burgess, these stories featured all of the typical New England woodland critters, like Jimmy Skunk and Johnny Chuck. I always imagined that the Smiling Pool was just beyond my grandparents’ orchard, and could almost hear Grandfather Frog’s “Chugarum!” at night.

I saw recently that the Centennial Anniversary Edition of Old Mother West Wind stories has been published. I think this is a terrific baby shower gift or present for that soon-to-be-grandparent! The author’s love of and respect for nature is obvious, and his descriptions of the animals, big and small, are delightful. (Please note that this is not an affiliate link; I just love these stories, and I think you will, too!)

What were your favorite bedtime stories when you were growing up?