I’ve been feeling nostalgic here. In the midst of all the negative news and dire warnings, I’ve been longing for a simpler time. I’ve always looked forward to the holidays as a time to reconnect not only with family but with the traditions and customs we share, started by family who have long since passed. I think remembering makes me feel more grounded in a world (and a time) that can feel confusing and disconnected!

These Limited Edition balms are inspired by the old-time calling cards and Christmas cards my great-grandmother used to collect. She was born in 1892 and lived well into her 90s, so I was lucky enough to spend a childhood listening to her stories and looking at the collected memories of her life. While she pored over her boxes of greeting cards and talked about times long gone, I would admire the elaborate lettering and beautiful designs of her handwritten greetings. These lip balm tins remind me of her, and her stories of a simpler time. I hope these designs and flavors will take you back, too! As always, please let me know what you think!