For years my daughter’s favorite holiday was Halloween. She and her dad would plan out the spooky decorations and yard displays weeks in advance; of course the details of her costume were decided months before that! Even Christmas wasn’t as much fun for her. She always explained that it was the “costumes and the candy” that made it the best.

I find that every fall I look forward to coming up with new seasonal “treats” and fun ways to dress them up, so I guess it’s all about the candy and costumes for me, too! Last fall I introduced a Limited Edition Caramel Apple lip balm. This year I planned to replace it with a few new flavors, but I really just like Caramel Apple so much I decided to bring it back along with all the other old and new seasonal flavors. Hey, more is better!

For Fall 2010 we’ve added Caramel Corn (imagine sweet vanilla caramel coating buttery, salty popcorn) and Ginger Pear, a juicy balm with a hint of spice. For a limited time, you can also get Candy Corn, Maple, Black Licorice, Apple Spice, Cranberry, and Pumpkin Pie lip balms. (These flavors are available year-round, but in the off-season we require a minimum order of 10, so this would be the time to try all of them!)

Last year we also offered a special Jack-o-Lantern balm in a black jar, and for the first time, a Jack-o-Lantern lotion also in a black bottle! We have a limited quantity of these special sets available this year, too. Jack-o-Lantern is a spicy pumpkin fragrance and flavor, and you can almost taste (and smell) the buttery crust and sweet whipped cream on top. We dress the sets up with a gift tag and bow, so it makes a cute gift (if you can part with it!). This is one I miss all year, so I’m really happy to be able to offer it again for this fall.

We have lots of other seasonal treats and gifts, including Halloween party favors and Pumpkin Pie goodies (which are still 10% off, since this was our last Feedback Friday product). And we’re always looking for new ideas for seasonal “flavorites” so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts! What am I missing? What are YOUR favorite flavors and fragrances for fall?