Just when I think I have my mind made up, I go and change it again.

I had decided on the holiday fragrances: the Candy Cane pedicures, the Gingerbread gift sets, the Sugar Cookie moisturizers. Then I sampled this fragrance for a custom order and it was all over.

Sweet Fig is our version of the BBW Brown Sugar and Fig fragrance (we aren’t affiliated with Bath and Body Works). This scent is ripe figs in caramelized sugar, coconut with the warmth of vanilla and musk, and very light floral notes. Such a scrumptious blend and a very Limited Edition that we’re offering in three sets for the holidays.

You can find Sweet fig in our Hand Soap & Lotion Set (also known as sink sets, see above left). We are also offering this fragrance in our Bath Indulgence Gift Set, with sugar scrub and moisturizing cream, and our Holiday Shower Smoothers bath gel and lotion sets.

I’d love to know what you think of it!

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