This is the new tottle bottle look for our hand cream containers. As soon as our old jars are gone, this will be the new packaging. We started the year with some new goals for our packaging, and one of them was to move to recycled or recyclable items wherever possible. The jars we’re currently using are polypropylene–also called PP or for the purposes of recycling, #5 plastic. It can be recycled, but often it isn’t (my local recycling spot won’t take it, and I think this is the case all over).

These new bottles are great for so many reasons: easy to use, much more sanitary than dipping in fingers. Best of all, they’re #2 plastic (HDPE or High Density Polyethylene), which are like milk jug plastics–just about everyone recycles these!

We try to use mostly #2 and #1 (PETE) plastic containers, since they are most frequently recyclable. We’ll be looking at transitioning some of our other packaging in the near future, so keep an eye on the blog to see what’s changing! Please feel free to ask us what we’re doing to make your products a little “greener”!