I really like the look of clear labels on clear jars and bottles. I’ve always liked to be able to see as much of the jojobas’ color as possible in our products, so our bath gels and sugar scrubs have always sported clear, matte labels. That the labels sometimes wore off after a while in the shower seemed unimportant when compared with the shelf appeal. I know that sounds crazy, but remember that most of our work is personalized and sample-sized, so in our testing the labels lasted until the product was gone. Sometimes what works for little bottles doesn’t apply to big ones! (Doh! Live and learn!) We used the same clear labels on lip balm tubes and a few other products, too.

Recently the manufacturer changed the clear labels. They are now thicker, and we found that they lifted off easily and the toner just didn’t stick as well. So this is our new label. It’s white and weather-resistant. We’ve tested it and the toner doesn’t come off in water. This material will replace the labels on our gels and the covers of our scrubs. And all of the lip balm tubes will now have these weather-resistant labels, too. I’m keeping the clear labels on the scrub sides (for now) because I’m stubborn and I like how they look. (They don’t peel off because the corners are rounded.) But eventually I may replace those, too.

Those of you who shared your label experiences with me: thank you for helping me to make this decision. I know it seems like I dragged my feet on this, but I needed to try some different options and make a decision that would work for personalized work as well as our standard labels. So thanks for your patience, too!

If you ever have any questions or concerns about our products, please let me know! And feel free to share your opinions and comments here, too.