We’ve always offered our shaving sets and soaps in a Spiced Orange fragrance for the guys. It’s a really spicy, invigorating fragrance that’s become popular with the ladies, too (especially the spiced orange lotion).

My in-house tester for the men’s products really liked the frankincense and myrrh fragrance (which we use in the Gifts of the Magi salts at Christmas), so I made up some bath gel for him. He liked it so much I had to make the lotion, too. And then the shaving soap, as well. This fragrance is the new favorite around our house…it’s a great scent for everyone.

I think the guys were feeling a bit left out because I kept adding new fragrances to the women’s product lines but hadn’t expanded the men’s fragrances. So in addition to the new Desert Air (frankincense and myrrh) fragrance, we’ve also started making Bay Rum products. All of our men’s products, from shaving sets to bath gel and lotion, are now available in these three fragrances! And just in time for Father’s Day, we’ve also reduced the prices! Let us know what you think!