Anchors aweigh, it’s a nautical theme day!
Not to take the wind out of your sails, but you don’t need to go overboard planning a maritime bridal shower or bachelorette. Even a simple celebration can share oceans of love with the bride-to-be.
nautical theme lip balms
Anchors Aweigh Bridal Shower Favors | Tag Design # 1376 (matching label #360)

Even Keel

Want smooth sailing for the new couple? Share wisdom and marriage tips at the bridal shower, so the bride can learn the ropes from friends and family. Your advice can help them keep their relationship on an even keel.


nautical theme bachelorette
Down the Hatch Bachelorette Favors | Label Design #361 (matching tag #1377)

Down the hatch

You don’t have to drink like a fish at your bachelorette party. Instead, choose your favorite cocktails in lip balm form. Mimosa and Pink Champagne are two of our most popular bachelorette party flavors. Down the hatch!


Oceans of Love Bridal Shower Favors | Label design #362 (matching tag #1378)
As she prepares to take the plunge, all that planning may leave the bride feeling like she can’t keep her head above water. These little celebrations will get her back in the swim of things and feeling happy as a clam!


Dropping Anchor Bridal Shower Favors | Label Design #363 (matching tag #1379)

With your help, she’ll have a whale of a time tying the knot. Talk with us about nautical theme favors for bridal showers and bachelorette parties!