Anyone who has ever been part of a wedding party knows that it can be very expensive; it’s not unusual to spend hundreds, even as much as $1,000, to be a bridesmaid. Especially in this economy people are looking for creative ways to cut costs.

I just ran across this article that talks about ways that bridesmaids can save on the events that lead up to the big day. One of the bridesmaids interviewed described having a Naughty and Nice Party: “Each guest was assigned a room of the house, such as the kitchen, and the task of buying either a naughty or nice present. The nice present counted as the shower present while the naughty was considered the bachelorette gift.” The benefit to the guests was that each only had to buy one gift.

I love the idea of combining the two, and what a fun theme that would be. Of course I’m thinking of favor ideas (which this article recommends ditching–perish the thought!) but the decor, cocktails and all of the details would be fun to put together!

Have you ever attended a party like this? What kinds of gifts would you choose (dare I ask…)?