nature-inspired gift wrap
Last week we shared a guest post with some creative ideas for gift-wrapping. We loved some of the ideas Elizabeth suggested, particularly embellishing with natural elements like twigs and pine cones. Here are some of our favorite ways to combine the materials she mentioned to create nature-inspired gift wrap.


Kraft paper

Start with kraft paper (or paper bags! Yay for recycling!). Then layer on baker’s twine, and a bit of greenery. Try holly or wintergreen, and tuck into the twine for a simple embellishment.

Burlap and ribbons

Start with kraft paper and layer strips of burlap with ribbon (try gingham). Finish by tying with natural twine (jute or sisal). Add a few snips of fir for holiday look and color.

Strike the right note

Musical note, that is! Print sheet music to wrap small gifts, then tie with ribbons and add pine cones (we chose a small sprig of hemlock).

Here’s some sheet music that you can download to print.
How about you? Do you ever use pine, berries, or cones when wrapping gifts? I’d love to hear about your ideas!