“Foods with dips” should have their own category here. Whether it’s cheesy fondue, chocolate with strawberries, or just veggies and dressing, dipping foods are delicious and fun. Kids will eat almost anything if there’s a good dip with it! And dips are really perfect for parties.

mojito yogurt dip

Here’s a quick recipe for Mojito Yogurt Dip that has a refreshing, tart flavor. It’s delicious with fruit kebabs for a baby or bridal shower menu. Try grapes, melon balls, mango, peaches, bananas, or fresh berries, and mix the shapes and colors for healthful treats that are also beautiful!

1 cup lowfat or fat free vanilla yogurt
1-2 teaspoons freshly squeezed lime juice
4-5 leaves fresh mint; save 2 for garnish

Line colander with coffee filters and fill with yogurt, allowing excess liquid to drain until yogurt is consistency of sour cream. (You could also use Greek yogurt to avoid this step altogether!)

Place thickened yogurt into bowl and stir in lime juice. Mince 2-3 leaves of fresh mint and stir into yogurt. Use remaining mint leaves as garnish. Serve with fruit kebabs or as a topping for fruit salad.