The only thing better than helping you create custom favors for your big day is getting to see your amazing celebration! Today I’m so excited to share Mary Kate’s surprise birthday with you. I think you’ll love seeing all of the creative details of this party, shared by her best friend Kathryn.

Tell us all about the party!

Mary Kate’s favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and her favorite celebrity is Audrey Hepburn. We created a Breakfast at Tiffany’s surprise party for her, with 50 guests including family and friends. We had Tiffany colored balloons, Tiffany boxes filled with chocolates, Tiffany blue decor, and an Audrey/Tiffany box themed cake.

Girls dressed up in black dresses, pearls, sunglasses and tiaras and gloves. We had a photo booth area to capture every guest. Audrey posters and quotes from the movie hung throughout the rooms. The lip balms were the final favor for guests to enjoy.


What was the biggest challenge of planning Mary Kate’s party?

Streamlining the right colors, delegating important tasks, and ensuring alignment amongst those contributing.



What was the most fun part of planning?

Working with others to compile the best surprise ever! Our group of friends–and the birthday girl’s family–did a really great job contributing and dividing up all the tasks. It was a perfect night and the theme really shone through every detail.

breakfast at tiffany's party favors

It was so much fun working with you, Kathryn, and I’m so impressed with how your party turned out! It was an amazing team effort and I’m sure that everyone had a great time!

Wasn’t this an amazing party? What was your favorite detail? (I love how the ladies dressed up–so fun!)

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