Since money woes are often listed as a reason for seeking a divorce, it makes sense to think about your spending and saving habits before your wedding. This recent MSN article says to treat marriage like a business, and has good tips for setting goals with your future spouse, making plans to reach those goals, and keeping track of your progress.

It may not sound very romantic, but it seems like sound advice to me! The article provides examples of how much better off you will probably be as a couple than if you had remained single (according to one study, expect to have almost twice the net worth)–and how much worse off you’ll be if you divorce (“the breakup ultimately reduced the typical person’s net worth by 77% of that of the average single person”) Yikes!

I love making favors for all sorts of events, but I have to admit, there’s something a little sad about divorce favors. I’d rather make your bachelorette favors, wedding favors, and then baby shower and anniversary favors! So please do your homework and make sure you and your future spouse are on the same financial page!