A week ago I selected a winner in our Party Favors giveaway. Since then I’ve been working with Tammy on her son’s birthday party favors and I wanted to share the fun with you!

Most of the time when someone orders favors from my website, they select from one of my designs and add their own personal details. That might be as simple as custom text like a name or a date, but it can also include theme colors, a different font, or different wording from the example tag or label. When I get these details with an order, I always prepare a sample draft (or two) and email it for approval before I make the favors. It’s my way of making sure I have all the spelling and wording correct so that when you receive your order there are no “surprises”!

If you’re working with a unique theme—or if I just haven’t designed anything yet that’s a good fit—sometimes I’ll make something completely new. Tammy’s party theme is “those plastic building blocks that start with L- and end with -egos” and since I didn’t have any designed, I started from scratch! Tammy specified some text, a date, and some colors (we’re working with blue, red, yellow, and green), and I put together an assortment of ideas for her to choose from.

Here are some of the tag designs:
And here are some of the labels I made for her:

You’ll notice that there are different fonts to choose from, too. When I prepare drafts for you, you can “mix and match” and I’ll put together a new draft for you with the font and the layout you like.

Once Tammy has chosen the design for her L…. plastic blocks label (which sticks to the top of the jar of balm) and her tag, she’ll select the tulle bow color (or colors) that I’ll use to decorate her son’s favors. I also have a new idea for wrapping that I can’t wait to share with her (and with you!). Stay tuned to see how her favors turn out!!

What do you think? Which of the designs would YOU choose if these were your party favors? Please share your thoughts below!