Do you love those paper flower walls as much as I do? They make such a colorful background for a photo booth, or an accent wall behind a refreshment table.

I’ve been trying out some paper flower tutorials lately and while I was playing around with creating a flower wall, I came up with an idea for simple paper hyacinths. They’re fast to make, with materials that are easy to find (you may already have them in your scrapbooking supplies!), and you can make them in different colors to match your event.

how to make paper hyacinths

Here’s what you’ll need:

Paper Hyacinths

2 colors of paper (like purple and lavender)
you can use cardstock or text weight paper
glue stick
flower paper punch (I used the Paper Shapers Retro Flower, about 2″ wide)

paper hyacinth tutorial pieces

Start by punching out a bunch of flowers in each color.  You’ll want 10 -15 of each.


Then cut an oval shape out of one of your colors (either color will work). My oval was about 7 inches long by 3 inches wide, but you can adjust your size to work with the size of your flower shapes. This will be the base of the hyacinth.


Now outline the oval shape with the darker colored flowers. Overlap them a little and go all the way around the oval, putting a dab of glue in the center back of each flower.

Once you have the whole oval outlined, start adding in some of the lighter colored flowers. Place them evenly around the oval, then add a few darker blossoms on top until you like the way they look. Remember, there is no such thing as “perfect” with flowers, and every flower looks different!


Add some green leaves to the bottom of each finished hyacinth to complete the look. You can “plant” them along the bottom of a flower wall, or display around the edge of a table among the plates or serving dishes.

I’ll share more of my favorite paper flowers in an upcoming post. Do you like paper flowers? Have you ever made them for a party? What are your favorite tutorials?