Lavender “sink set”

Okay, it’s confession time: I used to think that lavender was a real “granny” fragrance. I associated the piney floral scent with sachets my Gram had in drawers of linens. It seemed….well, old-fashioned, maybe even outdated. But recently my impression of the herb as belonging to a bygone era has been replaced by an appreciation for its “tried and true” qualities. Judging by the popularity of lovely lavender, I’m not the only one who’s had a change of heart!


Lavender is truly an amazing plant. It’s relatively easy to grow, hardy and happy in many climates, and it blossoms for months on end in a range of colors. While it has been used in the bath for centuries, it is equally at home in the kitchen. Europeans especially have long used lavender for its distinctive flavor: Herbes de Provence containing lavender buds or leaves is used to season fish, meat and stews. (Did you know that the whole plant has that amazing scent? Even lavender stems and leaves are fragrant!)

Lavender’s flowery flavor is also surprisingly delightful in sweet drinks, pastries, and even ice cream. (Lavender lemonade is really delicious, too!)


Lavender sachet

Lavender also has a long history as a medicinal plant. Apply the essential oil to burns and sunburn as well as minor cuts and scrapes. Lavender has also been used to relieve headaches and muscle cramping, and is said to have a sedative effect.


Our range of lavender products includes items to fragrance, moisturize, and even to deodorize! Did you know that our lavender sachets and glassine favors contain English Lavender grown in France? The buds have such a great scent all on their own that they don’t require any additional fragrance. These favors are great to toss after a wedding, to keep and use in the bath, or to tuck into a drawer or pillowcase. Please note that they aren’t culinary buds (you can usually find culinary lavender at your local co-op or health food store).

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