onesie baby showerInfant bodysuits (more commonly referred to as Onesies®) are the t-shirts of the baby world. Just like t-shirt wearers everywhere, your tike can pull one on to express her political leanings, pair with jeans for casual Fridays, or doll one up for special occasions. (Okay, she might need a bit of help with the snaps.) When she can’t hold her milk, this wardrobe staple can be changed again (and again and again). In our opinion, the baby bodysuit is the ideal shower theme: adorable and immensely practical. That’s why we put together this Love +1 series with lots of ideas to help you plan the perfect Onesies®-themed shower.

Today we’re sharing ideas for stationery and decor, but stay tuned for posts about cookies, gifts, and (of course) favor ideas!

Bodysuit Bunting

If you love the ever-popular bunting banner, may we suggest a twist? Create an adorable “clothesline” with sweet baby bodysuits to announce to all that it’s a girl (or a boy…remember, just like t-shirts, Onesies® are unisex attire)! Download the PDF template here, print and/or cut out a bunch of bodysuits (I used my Silhouette), and pin to colorful twine with real or tiny craft clothespins. (Our template includes the letters, too.)

You can also cut out extras and encourage your guests to write a memory, a piece of advice or a parenting tip to one side, then clip together the whole “wardrobe” for the mom-to-be. It’s an adorable keepsake with all of the wisdom of her friends and family!


Cake Top Bunting

Want a clothesline bunting for the top of your cake or cupcakes? We made a template with some smaller sizes just for that purpose! You can download the PDF here and print and then cut as needed. (For your own use only, please.) Then use two straws or lollipop sticks, attach twine, and pin or tape the onesies to the twine. Add your clothesline to the cake top or set up between the cupcakes for a cute display. 

(Make sure you save this smaller template for our confection post to make your own matching cookie cutters!)

Love Plus One Stationery

Of course when you’re planning a shower, you need invitations! We have new designs for Love +1 themes as well as the simpler bodysuit motif available now at Zazzle. (Also available in blue for a baby boy shower). Find invitations, stickers, and even postage in designs to match the party decor and our favors! Oh, and you can customize them, too!

Love Plus One Invitations and Stickers
Pink Bodysuit Invitations and Stickers

What do you think? Would you throw a Love +1 or Onesies® Baby Shower?