When you’re surrounded by products every day, you’re bound to come up with other uses for them. Last fall I wrote about how to use lip balm for more than just…well, lip balm. And last week when I realized I was smoothing down my flyaway hair with lotion, I started thinking of the other ways I use it.
I make lotions so of course I have more of it around than most people do. But I know I’m not alone in having a bottle in my purse, next to every sink, on my desk, in the car…. And I’m probably not alone in finding other lotion uses around the house. Here are a few:
other lotion uses

1. Smoothing the frizzies. My hair always goes bonkers when I’m out somewhere and don’t have a wide range of product options. I find that I can apply a small amount of lotion to my hands and then lightly pat down the out-of-control areas. Use this same thought to…

2. Reduce static on clothing. If your skirt is sticking to your tights, simply smooth it with your hands after applying a bit of lotion. It really works!

3. Diluting self-tanner. This is my favorite lately. You know how they tell you to work around your knees and elbows, or you end up with orange spots? Well, I end up with utterly white knees, and that looks weird, too. My solution is to dilute the self-tanner with a bit of my favorite lotion, then apply a thin layer of this to my knees and elbows.

4. Smooth shaving. If you run out of shaving cream, try a little lotion. In fact, skip the shaving cream entirely because lotion works really well for this.

5. Exfoliating. A dab of lotion + a pinch of sugar = simple exfoliant. Rub into skin gently, then rinse off.

6. Condition leather. Sounds crazy, but it really adds shine to shoes or belts.

These are just a few ways that I’ve used lotion for something other than moisturizing! I’ve also used a dab to remove eye makeup, put a thick layer on my finger to remove a too-tight ring…the possibilities are endless. How do YOU use lotion?