We are so excited about our new digs that we’re ready to party! Can you believe that Hanukkah is 22 days away, and Christmas and Kwanzaa only 6 1/2 weeks away? Are you ready to start six weeks of planning and celebration?!

Here’s what we have planned:

– Limited Edition fragrances and flavors. We’re bringing back a few favorites from last year (hello, Gingerbread! How ya doin’, Red Currant?) and also adding a new phthalate-free fragrance. What’s the new fragrance? Make sure you check in for Feedback Friday this week when we introduce the fragrance and the first of our…

– Giveaways! At least two giveaways, one here at the blog in November (more info here on Friday) and one in December on Facebook. If you aren’t a “fan” at Facebook yet, please check it out so you can enter!

– Discounts! We started mailing out coupon codes this week for our 15 for 15 sale starting very soon (and by soon, we mean the 15th!). Make sure you keep watching here or on Facebook for more details.

– Holiday gift ideas. Not a big fan of lip balm or lotion? That’s okay! We’ll be featuring other small businesses with interesting products that make great gifts.

– Recipes, DIY projects, reviews of our favorite holiday books and music, and more!

Of course, the whole point of having a bigger place is to provide more to our customers: new fragrances, yummy flavors, more designs and ideas, unique products. We hope you’ll spend time with us for the next few weeks getting ready for the holidays. Won’t you celebrate with us?