So we took down the Christmas tree last week and I realized that the candy canes I thought we’d eaten were just hidden among the branches. You know, the candy canes that the kids have been drooling over for the past three weeks? Apparently they are, like, so yesterday once January rolls around. What to do?

Just before Christmas I made fudge with crunchy peppermint topping. A layer of white chocolate and sprinkling of crushed candy canes would be yummy on brownies, too. (Here’s my recipe for java brownies.) But this morning I ran across this blog post from the Candy Blog that provides 33 Uses for Leftover Candy Canes. Perfect!

My favorite idea for unbroken canes: use them to stir your hot cocoa

My favorite idea for crushed candy canes: use them to rim your cocktail glass.

Read the rest of the Candy Blog’s list, and make sure you read the comments section there for even more ideas. What about you? Do you have leftover candy canes? What do you do with them? Please share your ideas!