free printable thank you cards

I’ve recently decided that my favorite time is later. It’s such a magical time, isn’t it? When something comes up that I don’t want to do, I schedule it for…later. The best part about later? It never comes! So I’m off the hook.
Of course that’s not really the way things work. Putting something off just means that I have it weighing on my mind until I finally deal with it. I use more energy avoiding it than I would if I just got it finished. This week’s project for “later”: writing notes.
I’m usually pretty good about saying “thank you,” but in the past few weeks I’ve accumulated a list of notes to write. I realized today that I was putting it off because I hadn’t printed any cards. I usually make and print my own, but I’d used up my stash. When I have cards on my desk I can write notes quickly, so today I printed up a bunch of these houndstooth thank yous. If you’d like to have some for your desk, too, just click the link to download the PDF and print out as many as you need (for personal use only, please). 
From now on I’m going to make sure I always have a pile of these ready to send off at a moment’s notice. I’ll leave something else for “later”! What do you procrastinate about?