I made my last Kiva loan way back in August. I got a reminder today that I had enough repaid on my previous loans to allow me to make more. So today I made five more loans.

This time my loans were made to women in Uganda, Viet Nam, Honduras, Peru, and even the United States! Some of these businesses are retail, one is a beauty salon, and one of the women is using her loan to pay for her education.

If you haven’t heard of them, you can learn more about Kiva here. I’ve also blogged about Kiva a couple of times. Oh, and here’s another. What I love about it (and I know I say it every time) is that as the loans are repaid, I can choose to loan that same money over and over again. I get to help people through micro loans (each one is $25) in countries all over the world. And then help some more.

This marks loan 28 and counting! What do you think?