As we enter our seventh year of lending, I’d love to share a Kiva update. Last year we decided to donate 10% of our profits to Kiva, and I’m excited to lend even more in the coming years so we can celebrate more entrepreneurs with you!

Here’s our Kiva update in numbers:

Total number of loans: 113
Total amount lent: $3,800
Total amount lost: $8.89
Number of countries lent to: 37, including Armenia, Ghana, Cambodia, Costa Rica, and Guatamala
Sectors lent to: 9, including agriculture, health, arts, and education
Activities lent to: 29, including clothing sales, crafts, and farming
Field Partners lent to: 67, including Adobe Capital and African Solar Rise
Outstanding loans: $1,337.62

saima organizes her sewing supplies


Eglene shows off some of her jewelry


This week we made 10 more donations to women like Saima in Multan, Pakistan, who works in a business selling sewing supplies. Her loan helps her purchase materials like thread, lace, and buttons to resell on her street.

And Eglene, from Cebu, Philippines, who has a retail business selling jewelry and will use her loan to purchase additional inventory. She hopes to save enough money to send her 4 children to college.

We’re working on a new way to share details of loan recipients so you can read more of their inspiring stories. This includes creating a lending team so you can join in, too (for those who are interested).

Read more about our loans through Kiva. And thank you for supporting our business so we can help others with theirs! Stay tuned for more updates.