Earlier this week I received an email asking for ideas for interesting kitchen shower favors. Kellie (hi!) had seen our kitchen bridal shower designs and wondered if we had some ideas. Of course, there’s always lip balm (you knew I’d say that, didn’t you?…scroll down for an example). But if you’re looking for something a little different, here are a few other fun kitchen shower favor ideas.

kitchen shower favor ideas

Whisked Away

I love the idea of sharing favors that the guests can use in their own kitchens, and these are so cute! Perfect for mixing up cocktails and salad dressings, or for scrambling an egg, these tiny whisks are great for themes like “whisked away” or “the perfect mix.”

Find whisks online at Factory Direct Craft or Amazon, and attach personalized tags with raffia or ribbons.

kitchen bridal shower whisk favor

Let Love Grow

You’ve seen those wedding favors with the plant seeds, and it’s also popular to share succulents in tiny terra cotta pots. Why not share herbs like basil, oregano, mint, or thyme at a kitchen bridal shower? Each guest can go home and start a tiny kitchen window garden. “Love is in bloom,” “Let love grow,” and even “Mint to be” phrases work well with these favors.

Find seedlings and pots at your local garden center, and attach tags with baker’s twine in your theme colors.

kitchen shower windowsill garden favors

Love is Brewing

While you might think this idea requires a bridal tea, we think it works just as well at a kitchen shower. Instead of tea-related gifts, why not share favors that encourage your guests to brew up some lavender buds to add to a refreshing beverage? Share culinary lavender buds in sachets and include a recipe for lavender lemonade. Need instructions? Read here for our Lavender Lemonade recipe and details of how to steep the flowers to add color and a floral aroma to this tart summer favorite.

lavender lemonade sachet favors

Kiss the Cook

With all that kissing going on in the kitchen, you’re gonna need some lip balm. Wedding Cake, Champagne, Blushing Bride…all perfect flavors for bridal shower favors, and our kitchen theme tags can be personalized with the bride’s details.

kitchen shower kiss the cook favors

Have you ever planned a kitchen theme bridal shower? What type of favors did you share?