kids at spasI just saw this article at…”Spa treatments for kids raise waxed eyebrows…Massages, facials, pedicures grow in popularity with the kiddie set” By Victoria Clayton.

Some of the parents and experts in the article think that visiting a spa is all about appearance and spending money, while others say it’s about feeling good and contributing to physical and mental well-being. Not surprising that the first group thinks it’s unnecessary or downright concerning that kids are indulging in spa visits, while the others consider that it promotes health and good hygiene.

Spa parties have become popular for grown-ups and I shouldn’t have been surprised to see kids joining in! I love the idea of a spa party–of course little girls love pedicures and manicures and facials–and I think the “princess for a day” feeling that most birthday parties have really fits well with the spa theme! Of course, being ever frugal, I would probably not choose the $5,000 birthday party at the spa for a child, but would probably plan a do-it-yourself event. I’m planning my daughter’s ninth birthday party now and will be putting together some kid-friendly lip balms, shower gels, lotions, etc., for favors. Who knows? If they’re a hit, maybe I’ll add them to the other birthday party favors I have!

I think this can be a fun, positive thing for girls–at best it probably could contribute to a positive body image. It surely depends on the focus, doesn’t it? Does anyone have an opinion about this?