Last Monday was “Cupcake Day” here: I spent the day putting together some party favors featuring that yummy fragrance and flavor. When I was chatting about this on Facebook, a comment by a friend (thanks, Beth Dimond!) gave me an idea: why don’t I have a day featuring the fragrance and flavor from Feedback Friday? Welcome to Lollipop Day!

I know, Lollipop was last week’s Feedback Friday, and in the future we won’t wait a week to celebrate the day. To make up for the delay, we’re going to celebrate Lollipop Day right through the end of August. Shop for anything lollipop–Lollipop lotions, Lollipop lip balms, Lollipop sugar scrubs–and take 10% off between now and September 1. No special codes, just head over to our site and see the discount reflected on every Lollipop product!

One customer who tried a lotion sample last week had this to say: “Let me tell you that that is the scent I’ve been looking for all summer. I just didn’t know how to describe what I wanted but you had it. It does smell like candy and had me craving for some though I didn’t know what. My husband told me that I smelled like Mike & Ike…It really is a fun scent…it reminds me of going to a candy store. Anyone that loves candy will appreciate that!”

Our Lollipop fragrance is phthalate free, and is available in:
hand creams
bath gel (with pink jojoba spheres for gentle exfoliation)
sugar scrub (also with pink jojoba spheres)
bath salts
gift sets
• lip balm – tubes and jars

Add some luscious Lollipop to your next order! Make sure to add a sample lotion, too. And then come back here and share your opinion! Happy Lollipop Day!