For some time now I’ve been sharing “sneak peeks” on our Facebook page.
I often work on projects a week or month or more in advance and I don’t like to spoil surprises, but sometimes it’s hard to wait. Sneak peeks are a way for me to share a few details of work in progress without spilling the beans. (Okay, maybe a few beans…)
I realize that not everyone has joined us on Facebook (why not?! It’s fun! There are cookies! And Muppets!), and maybe you’d like to see some photos of work in progress, too? So this week I’m starting a new Sneak Peek feature for Wednesdays.
You’ll notice that they are often Extreme Close-ups. In a few weeks I’ll post the follow-up, regular photo, so you can see what the completed work actually looked like!
Cherry Blossom favors with custom tags and labels

This week’s Sneak Peek is a reminder that we can do custom colors. Note that the paper and labels are ivory instead of white for this pale-pink-and-cream bridal shower. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a special request for colors or other details. (We love that.)