Rainbow Half-Scarf from Scarves.net

I received a beautiful scarf from a friend a few weeks ago and now I’m obsessed. (Great, just what I needed: a new obsession.) I hadn’t worn a scarf since high school and I couldn’t really remember how to wear it. I know that sounds silly, but you see people wearing them in so many interesting ways and I think I only knew two different ways to tie them. Which is pretty limiting, honestly.

So like any sensible person I went online to figure out how to tie a scarf. I ended up at Scarves.net and their fabulous collection of how-to videos showed me dozens of ways to wear scarves of all sizes and shapes. And colors and materials and OMG, they also sell scarves! How brilliant is that? So of course I had to check out their scarves and I’m not being paid to say this, but I may have ordered a few or four. Exactly four, actually. And keeping it to four required a lot of self-restraint. (Some of them were gifts, so that’s okay, right?)

Anyway, if you have ever wondered how many different ways you can wear a scarf, or have ever wanted to find scarves at really reasonable prices in all kinds of colors and patterns and materials and WOW! more shapes than you can imagine, you must check out Scarves.net. (They’re on Facebook, too.)