I really like to bake, especially for holidays. Since I only do it for fun I don’t have hundreds of different cutters, so I like to use the same cutters in different ways.
stencil spring cookies

This week I’m baking spring/Easter cookies shaped like bunnies, flowers, and butterflies. I made some standard cut-out cookies and topped with royal icing, then experimented with some “sandwich” cookies with cut-out windows in those same shapes. Then I decided to try creating a cookie stencil. Here’s how you can do it, too.

Of course you’ll want to bake your cookies before you start this decorating part! I’ve shared my favorite sugar cookie recipe before, but you can use your own or use cookie dough from the store. (You can also use this tip to decorate pre-baked cookies.) I used a round scalloped cutter for my stenciled cookies; you could also use egg shapes, circles, squares, anything you’d like. Just make sure the cookie shapes are larger than the shape you’ll be using for a stencil.

If you want your stenciled design on an iced cookie, prepare your cookies by outlining and flooding with royal icing, then allow them to dry before you start the following steps.

1. Choose the cookie cutter shape you’d like to stencil with, and trace the cutter onto a piece of paper. Cut a square of parchment or wax paper a bit larger than your final cookie size, and place it over your traced image. Use an x-acto knife to “trace” the image, cutting through the parchment or wax paper. Your stencil will look something like the one below right. Repeat this process for the other shapes you’ll be using.


2. Prep your royal icing for stenciling. Use your favorite royal icing recipe, then thin it to the consistency of thick paint. Place the stencil over the cookie, and with your brush (I use Wilton’s decorator brushes) gently apply the icing to the cookie, brushing from outside the stencil’s cut edge toward the center of the design (see photo 1 below). Be careful not to move the stencil or to push the icing under the stencil’s edge. Once you’ve filled the stencil shape with icing, gently lift the stencil off the cookie and set aside.


3. Choose your sprinkles or colorful sugar and shake onto the icing. Make sure you cover every bit of icing (see photo 2 above). Lift and tap cookie to remove extra sprinkles and reveal your shape (photo3 above). Allow to dry completely before wrapping.

Wrap cookies in cello with colorful ribbons for gifting, or plate with other spring designs and colors. Next time I think I’ll try colored sugars, or I may paint the edges of the cookies with icing and roll in my sprinkles to make a colorful border.

Do you like baking cookies for Easter or spring? What are your favorite shapes?