how to plan a unicorn partyYou found the unicorn favors. You’re baking the unicorn cupcakes. It’s time for the rest of the magic: the rainbows, the sparkle, the sweet treats. How do you bring it all together to make a Unicorn Party your magical kid will never forget? (And without having to run all over to find the supplies?)

We’ve created a simple Unicorn Party table with details that couldn’t be easier to set up yourself. Got a spare table and some pretty glassware? You’re ready to start! And with just a few decorations and paper goods that you can order from Amazon (if you can’t find them at your local grocery or Target), you’ll have a sweet party table for the birthday kid and all their friends!

The Rainbow Connection 

We were inspired by this rainbow Party in a Box set in pink, aqua, and lavender. It includes enough plates, cups, and ice cream dishes for 10 guests, with more than enough napkins and paper drinking straws.

Pink, lavender, and aqua tulle alternated with crepe paper streamers in those same colors make a festive backdrop. Make it long enough to reach just below the tabletop. Tie tulle and tape streamers to a length of string, then fasten to the wall behind the table. Cover the ends with crepe streamer.

Ready, Set Table

Fold and gather wide tulle around the table on three sides, then cover with crepe paper along the edge. Make Bubbly Bouquets with water balloons and 1/4″ dowels. Blow up water balloons in your favorite unicorn hues and add to an 18″ length of dowel by pushing the dowel through the tied off end of each balloon. Slide balloons together to create large clusters, then push the “stem” into floral foam in colorful flower pots and cover with tulle in your party colors. (You can see how to make these balloon bouquets in more detail here.)

So Unicorny

Gotta have unicorn horns…I mean Marpoles marshmallow twists! They’re yummy party snacks or favors (and can you see how we used them on our Unicorn cupcakes, too?)

unicorn party cupcakes

Unicorn poop…err, jelly beans…what naturally happens when you give your unicorns free rein at the party. We love this assortment from Gimbals with lots of different flavors in a rainbow of colors.

And speaking of rainbows, we put the finishing touches on the table with a variety of our favorite rainbow candies. Mike and Ike (unicorn chow?), Skittles (unicorn vitamins?), Airheads rainbow bites (unicorn manes and tails? too much unicorn yet?)…find an assortment at your local grocery or Target. If you have sundae glasses or parfait dishes, you don’t need to buy any special glassware for your table. Use custard bowls or ice cream dishes, too, and arrange around your cupcake or cake stand.

You are magical

Of course unicorns are magical, but so are your guests! Make sure they know it by reminding them with every sip. Download your straw or cupcake toppers here, then print and punch out in 2″ circles or in squares. You can use these as gift tags for your goodie bags, as well!

Our Favor-ite

Our favorite part is—the favors! Send that magical message home with your guests with these Cake Batter lip balms. Personalize with your birthday kid’s name, too, or your own party colors. You can display on the sparkly plates or…

unicorn party favors

Use glass cookie jars or apothecary jars to display more candies or even your unicorn kissing balm favors! Talk with us to share your details—we love to make your favors just right!

unicorn party table
Are you planning a unicorn party? I’d love to know what you think! Will you share a rainbow of treats? Or maybe some unicorn cupcakes? Please share your thoughts!

how to plan a unicorn party