If you’re planning to include apples in your event—but you don’t have a theme yet—today’s tip is just for you. We’re focusing on apple themes, and showing you some of our favorite places to find apple theme ideas.


Idioms and sayings

apple-y ever after favorsYou’ve probably noticed that many theme ideas are based on common sayings or quotes. We like to start our theme search by looking at idioms, popular phrases, proverbs, and plays on words. Tip: when searching, use related words, too. So I’d search for apple, but also autumn, picking, growing, fall, bushel, basket, pie…you get the picture!

Some of the theme ideas from these searches include:

  • An apple a day (think kitchen bridal shower, with all apple recipes and gift ideas)
  • Apple of my eye (baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party…)
  • Apple-y ever after (bridal shower)
  • One smart apple (recent graduate)
  • She picked him, he picked her (bridal shower, wedding)
  • Falling in Love (bridal shower, wedding, rehearsal dinner)

Songs and Poems

You’ll find that lots of songs have common phrases or idioms in them, too. For example, “Apple of My Eye” is the name of a song and is also the line of a Stevie Wonder song. Here are a few more theme ideas from songs and poems:

  • Apples and oranges (couples shower)
  • I love you a bushel and a peck (baby shower, bridal shower, wedding)
  • Apple blossom time (any shower, wedding)
  • Sunset under the apple trees (from Carl Sandburg’s “Potato Blossom Songs and Jigs”) (wedding, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner)


“Sunset under the apple trees” sounds like a fabulous spot for a wedding or shower, but that’s not the only place you can find apples or apple themes. Some make it too easy to include apples, like:

  • Rustic Barn Event (reception, rehearsal)
  • Orchard (wedding, reception)
  • Big Apple (girls’ night in New York)
  • Circus (think caramel apples, for kids’ birthday party or baby shower)
  • Carnival (candy apples for birthday, bridal shower, wedding)

Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes, and Books

Have you noticed that people really like writing about apples? From the Bible to Shakespeare, fairy tales to popular children’s books, apples are a popular topic. Some books are literally about apples, while others include them as important symbols or props (hello, Snow White). Here are a few books and fairy tale themes that will let you indulge your love of apples:

  • A is for Apple (alphabet theme baby shower, birthday party)
  • One Red Apple (baby shower, birthday party)
  • Ten Apples Up on Top! (baby shower, birthday party)
  • Snow White (shower, wedding)
  • Anne of Green Gables (Remember White Way of Delight, among the apple blossoms? So pretty for a wedding or shower.)


    White Way of Delight, Anne of Green Gables Wedding Inspiration! ( photography: Jessica Zais Photography)

Friends and other cool people

put the sin in singleI always like checking in with friends, including the ones at Pinterest. A quick search with your key words will bring up ideas you never thought of.

The other cool people who share ideas with me are my customers. Here are a few more theme ideas that came from Pinterest and my creative customers:

  • Putting the Sin in Single (think apple as symbol of temptation or sin, for divorce party favor)
  • The apple has a stem on it (gender reveal baby shower)
  • Out on a limb (new job, new college or other opportunity)
  • Candy Apple RedGreen Apple (color themes for any event)

There you go! Over 20 apple theme ideas to choose from, with links to some of our favorite idea resources so you can find themes for anything. How do you like them apples? (Ugh, sorry!)

Have you ever planned an apple theme event? How did you choose the theme? Where did you go for inspiration and ideas? Please share!