how to make tulle cotton candyCotton candy is not just for kids’ parties anymore! “Fairy floss” is popping up at bridal showers, weddings, and baby showers as a nostalgic treat or favor. Its pretty pastels are even finding their way into cotton candy cocktails these days, a spun sugar garnish to complete a sweet aperitif.

If you’re planning a cotton candy themed party or shower, you’re probably looking for ideas that don’t include sugar. Sure, there are plenty of cotton candy cupcakes, ice cream, and other treats to lend the sweet flavor of the fair to your event. (Did you know that even cotton candy grapes are a thing?) And of course there are even more ways to add pastels to your party. But when you’re looking for that billow of pink (or blue) on every table, you need cotton candy that isn’t…well, candy. Here’s a simple and inexpensive way to make tulle cotton candy that looks just like the real thing—without the sticky sugar.

Tulle cotton candy – what you need:

• white letter-sized paper for the cotton candy cones
• tulle in your favorite colors (around 8 yards per cone)

Make the cotton candy cones

Roll the paper lengthwise to make a long thin tube. Then tighten one end to make a slightly tapered cone (see above). Tape the overlapping paper to hold it tight.

Make the Tulle Cotton Candy

Pull a length of tulle off the roll (without cutting it) and bunch it up in your fingers, as shown above. Hold the bunched tulle next to the cotton candy cone, then wrap the free end of the tulle around the cone to hold the bunch loosely in place (see below).

Make another bunch, place it next to the first, and wrap the free end around the second bunch. Repeat until the top half of the cone is covered, then cut the tulle from the roll and tuck the free end into the top of the cone. You can use glue to keep the tulle in place while wrapping, or leave loosely wrapped so you can take cones apart for a future project.

wrap tulle around cone for tulle cotton candy

Play with the bunches until you’re happy with the overall shape of your cotton candy. Repeat for additional cones and colors.

tulle cotton candy

Display on your tables in dessert glasses or vases. You can create a bouquet of cones, or even hang on the wall with your other decorations.

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Wouldn’t this be cute for a baby sprinkle or first birthday party? I love these colors, but lavender or mint would look pretty, too. What do you think?

how to make tulle cotton candy