This is the second post in our series about making your own party favors and decorations. Last time we wrapped candy favors for kids in a couple of different packages, but we haven’t personalized them! Personalizing your favors makes them even more special, but what if you don’t have a scanner or software to design them? You can still make pretty tags using some of your patterned paper, card stock, and address labels from your printer.

We took standard address labels in 1″ x 2 5/8″ size and created tags in a couple of different sizes and styles. Our first favors use the full size of the address labels to personalize. Try using a fun font (there are many online that you can download free for your personal use) and thank each guest personally. See below for an example.

You can cut these labels into smaller ones to make different sized tags. Try writing a single line of text across the whole length of your label, then center these narrow labels onto long tags like the one below. We used a paper punch to scallop the tag edges, but you can leave them square or use deckle scissors to embellish.

Another option is to create small blocks of text about 3/4″ wide on your address labels, then cut each label into 1″ squares. You can center the squares onto patterned paper with a narrow border, or rotate the labels 45 degrees and hang the tags at an angle. You can also create different tag shapes and center the squares inside them, embellishing again with deckle scissors or paper punches. See below for some examples of these tags with square labels.

If you have colored labels, you can use those, too. On the next tag we’ve used vellum to make layered tags, then topped off with the colored labels. Of course you can always print on paper and use glue to stick the personalization on the tags, but we love how quick and easy (and mess-free) these labels are. Choose ribbons of all sizes, widths, patterns, and colors to attach to your favors or packages. (I found ribbons on sale at craft stores and also in the $1 bins at Target, so always be on the lookout!)

These are really simple ideas for those of you who aren’t very crafty, but if you like paper crafting you can go to town! Add sequins, fabric flowers, or glitter to really make your tags special!

What do you think? Do you make your own gift and favor tags? What types of paper and embellishments do you use? I’d love it if you’d share in the comments!