It may be hard to imagine throwing a party without cocktails, but being alcohol-free doesn’t have to mean boring beverages!sparkling water bar You’ve heard of mimosa bars for bridal showers, or hot cocoa bars for winter weddings. What about making a sparkling water bar? (Or hey, let’s call it a sparkle bar!)

Putting together a sparkle bar for even a small event is simple, pretty, and delicious.

Choose your sparkling water

Get an assortment of flavors! I love the citrus and raspberry flavors, and always add seasonal flavors, too. You can also choose club soda and plain, unflavored seltzer, as well. Figure on about 8 to 16 ounces of water per guest.

sparkling water bar


Ice is nice

Of course you can use standard ice cubes, but I love using frozen grapes to chill seltzer without diluting the other flavors. You can also make fruity flavored ice cubes by filling an ice cube tray with a clear fruit juice like white grape or passion fruit. Add berries or pomegranate seeds before freezing.


More fruit, please

Pomegranates and berries, sliced lemons, limes, oranges…choose your favorites and arrange on platters or in candy dishes for serving. Arrange fresh fruit and foliage around the serving dishes on the table.

You can also blend up some fruit purees! Strawberry and peach are two of my favorites; a cup of fresh or frozen fruit with just enough fruit juice (apple or white grape are yummy) to mix up smooth in the blender.




Mix it up

Now it’s time to create your drink masterpiece! Add fruit and purees, grapes or ice cubes, then top off with sparkling water. Garnish with citrus slices and a fun straw and enjoy!


What do you think? Would you create a sparkling water bar for your next event? What are your favorite fruits to enjoy in sparkling water?

how to make a sparkle bar