paper poinsettia gift topper
We’ve posted a few times recently with creative ideas for gift-wrapping, including a guest post and a follow-up with ideas for wrapping with embellishments from nature. Today we’re sharing a quick tutorial for easy paper poinsettias, which can be used to decorate gift boxes or bags.

What you’ll need:

flower template (PDF file)
cardstock or tissue paper
sequins or beads
scissors and pen
1. Download the flower template here. You can print the file directly onto colored card stock (I did some in both red and green) or if you’d rather make flowers out of tissue paper, print onto card stock, cut out, and trace onto tissue paper. Cut out flowers.
2. Use the end of your pen to trace the center of each petal, pressing a crease into the paper. Gently fold each petal along the crease to make the shape more three dimensional.
3. Starting with a base of green leaves, layer the petals, rotating each layer so you can see the petals below. Glue each layer to the one below.
4. Embellish the center of each flower with sequins, beads, buttons, or a punched-out circle of contrasting paper. Share flowers by taping to packages, or gluing to ribbons and tying to bags.

That’s it! I can imagine using these flowers as Christmas tree decorations, too! Please let me know if you try making these. What colors would you use?