When I talk about “celebrating what matters,” of course I’m talking about people: your favorite people, and your relationships with them. It would be great if life was just one celebration after another, but as October’s month of breast cancer awareness teaches us, that’s not the case.

What happens when your favorite people are hurting? You’re there for them as much as you can be, with supportive words and thoughtful cards. But often that doesn’t feel like enough. You feel powerless and want to do something more to help. Here are three things you can do to help a friend who’s going through chemohow to help a friend who's going through chemo

1. Cook for her

Will she feel like eating (or cooking) while undergoing treatment? Help her and her family by cooking for them. Organize a group of friends, coworkers, or fellow parishioners to schedule meals throughout her treatments; use an online organizer like Take Them a Meal.

2. Clean for her

Sign her up for free housecleaning at Cleaning For A Reason. This nonprofit organization provides free housecleaning to women undergoing cancer treatment.

3. Pamper her

Infusion Breast Care botanical products were formulated by Teri Pearman, an aromatherapist and breast cancer survivor. Pearman developed her products to soothe and heal her own breast skin after multiple surgeries, then started sharing with other women. You can share these special products with your friend, too, by visiting Infusion Breast Care botanicals.

These are just a few ideas, but we’d love to share your thoughts. What have you done to help friends as they undergo treatment?