how to disagree

I will be very glad when this election is over because I don’t think most of us have learned how to disagree agreeably. If you saw 60 Minutes yesterdayor watched clips onlineyou may wonder if the Senate has also lost this ability. Moderate senators (such as my state’s Olympia Snowe) are leaving because nothing is getting done. (When “getting along” is considered party betrayal, how could they get anything done?)

For the past few months I’ve noticed even more animosity between people than usual. Innocent comments become political, and nastiness invariably follows. What happened to “agreeing to disagree” without tearing people apart? Is it possible to accept different opinions or beliefs as simply different instead of better or worse, right or wrong? When did “getting along” stop mattering?

I love the quote (above) by Bernard Meltzer, host of the radio advice show “What’s Your Problem?” One of his favorite sayings was, “The good people in this world far outnumber the bad.” I hope we can remember this when the dust settles tomorrow.

What do you think?