Ready to make a Cosmopolitan?
make a cosmopolitan
If you’ve ever watched Sex and the City and wondered, “What is in a cosmopolitan, anyway?” today’s post is for you. That show made this pink sweetini popular. Here’s how you make a cosmopolitan:

Make a Cosmopolitan

2 ounces vodka (some prefer citrus vodka)
1/2 ounce Triple Sec
3/4 ounce cranberry juice
1 ounce fresh lime juice
citrus peel or slice
Pour the vodka, Triple Sec, and juices into a shaker with ice. Shake well, then strain into a martini glass. You may “flame” an orange peel across the top of the cocktail, or simply garnish with a slice or peel of orange or lime.
Did you know? Cosmopolitan is our most popular Sweetini flavor and fragrance for bachelorette favors. We love to make your favors with all of your details, including custom colors. Talk with us!