My daughter recently learned how to knit. She’s had fun making some gifts this month. Here she is in a hat she made for a friend.

Hats are so much fun. They do so much more than keep your head warm: they can make a fashion statement, or voice support for a sports team. They can make you look sophisticated or silly. At their best they are hugely entertaining. I thought I’d share some of my favorites from Etsy.

 I love this slouchy hat from SWAKCouture.

And this giraffe hat from CellarDoorImages/AtticHats.

If you’re looking for patterns to make your own hat, how about this sock monkey from SweetKiwiCrochet?
Baby hats can be precious. This pom pom beanie from Chloe’s Crochet Closet is adorable.
Hats for kids are pretty cute, too. Here’s a great way to say, “I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay.”
Of course, if the big man in your life feels left out, you can tell him he’s okay, too.
If you run out of heads, you can always dress the cat. This reindeer cat hat is by scooterKnits.
Dogs also really enjoy being dressed up. This one is a corn on the cob hat, by anywear.
But my absolute favorite for the season is this Christmas Holiday Elfkin Hat by hatz4brats. I really love the poms. 
How about you? Do you love hats? What’s your favorite? Do your pets have hats, too?