I hope you can read that card over there. (It’s a Hallmark card.) It says, “Standard Schedule of Anniversary Gifts.” Needless to say, this is not the traditional or even modern list of anniversary gifts, but I prefer a list that includes things like duct tape and latex. When I first saw this card I was dismayed to realize that my Naugahyde™ anniversary had already passed. We’ve also made it through talc, PVC, and fiberglass (whew!).

I’m posting this on our Vinyl wedding anniversary. For many years my husband has tried to find something that creatively incorporates the traditional or modern gift for that year. Since there are no real suggested gifts for year 17, heaven only knows what he’ll come up with today. But honestly, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve written about my marriage before, in such posts as Laughter is the Word EVERY Day. I’ve also written about my less-than-perfect wedding, in (of course) Perfect Weddings. From that inauspicious beginning, we’ve been so fortunate. I feel thankful every day to have such a supportive, kind, even-keeled partner. Having an anniversary near Thanksgiving gives me one more thing to be thankful for every year.

So Happy Vinyl Anniversary, O.! With any luck we’ll be celebrating Teflon™, suede, and cast iron someday, too.