New Approaches

I am excited today to be participating in the New Perspectives Series at the New Approaches blog.

Hannah Curtis, LCSW is the therapist behind New Approaches, a practice offering counseling to individuals and families in Portland, Maine.

Hannah says of her work, “As a therapist, I’m really just a creative, collaborative generator of possible choices….It’s not because I’m all awesomely creative that I come up with ideas. It’s really because I talk with a lot of people in a deep and meaningful way all day. I’ve started to hear about lots of ways of doing things.” This New Perspectives Series came from Hannah’s “desire to collect new viewpoints.”

My contribution is called “Practice Makes…Better” and I welcome you to read it over at the New Approaches blog. (While you’re there, check out some of the other posts in this series, or some of Hannah’s recent posts about the value of emotions.)

You can follow New Approaches on Facebook, too.