Last summer one of our favorite cookout treats was grilled peaches. Today we were grilling again and decided to try some different fruit combinations.

There’s nothing complicated about this, and there really isn’t even a recipe. We simply took pears, peaches, and apples, pitted/cored them, tucked some brown sugar, spices, and nuts into them, and wrapped them in foil. Pop these foil packages onto the grill and let the hot coals work their magic. The peaches took about 30 minutes to cook, while the pears and apples were closer to an hour, but of course this would depend on your grill. Check periodically to see if the sugar has caramelized and when the fruit is tender, it’s ready to serve.

We chose brown sugar and nutmeg for the peaches (which are still our favorite). The apples got a filling of walnuts, brown sugar, oats, and cinnamon, while the pears were filled with sugared almonds and a dash of ginger. We served on shortcakes with whipped cream, but they would also be delicious with vanilla ice cream.

My husband always talks about grilling bananas in the peel with chocolate tucked inside (cut small slits in the peel to add the chocolate), and that sounds amazing, too. Have you ever grilled fruit? What’s your favorite?